IECA Principles of Good Practice

As a member of IECA, the Independent Educational Consultant’s Association, we adhere to the principles and maintain the highest standards of professional service and personal conduct.¬† We strictly adhere to our obligation to represent each student and their family accurately, based¬† upon a professional evaluation of the circumstances and requirements of each client’s educational and social needs.


  • An IECA member consultant strives to be aware of and practice within the boundaries of his/her competence based on relevant education, training or experience.
  • An IECA member consultant continually broadens and updates his/her knowledge of appropriate options.
  • An IECA member consultant strives to be knowledgeable regarding federal and state laws applicable to educational consulting.

Client and Family Relations

  • An IECA member consultant strives to include all family members in the educational planning.
  • An IECA member consultant has an obligation to discuss with the family, as early as feasible, the fees and financial arrangements.
  • An IECA member consultant strives to use all possible resources in the process of providing options to the student and family.
  • An IECA member consultant does not guarantee placement in recommended schools or programs and will suggest alternative options.
  • An IECA member consultant works with the family to understand the student’s special strengths, values and needs.
  • An IECA member consultant is expected to provide similar information to all concerned with the student’s welfare.
  • An IECA member consultant strives to be cognizant of, but does not discriminate based on cultural, individual, and role differences which may arise from such factors as age, race, gender, language, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and socioeconomic level.

Multiple Relationships

  • An IECA member consultant works to avoid multiple relationships which could potentially harm or raise questions about the integrity of the professional’s relationship with the students and their families.
  • An IECA Member consultant adheres to the principles and practices of any related profession if the services provided are other than those of an educational consultant.
  • An IECA member consultant shares information with other consultants in reasonable and appropriate ways.

School/College/Program Relationships

  • An IECA Member consultant does not accept compensation from educational institutions for placement of a child, and avoids any action that may even give the appearance of soliciting or accepting compensation.
  • An IECA member consultant seeks to avoid actions that may indicate an attempty to influence an admission placement.
  • An IECA member consultant undertakes to maintain awareness of current trends and practices in admissions.
  • An IECA member consultant develops and cultivates a network of professional contacts.